4 Ways to Become a More Efficient Healthcare Recruiter April 6, 2018 5:32 pm

Group Of Happy Multiracial Businesspeople Standing In RowIn a competitive market, you can’t afford to let top health talent slip through your fingers.

Yet many healthcare providers still use outdated recruitment techniques which are slow, inefficient and ultimately costly.

The smartest healthcare organisations know how to prioritise company culture, branding and technology. This effectively streamlines the hunt for premium candidates.

So, let’s look at how your organisation can find the best people with efficient recruitment.


Get the company culture right

If your company culture isn’t up to scratch, you won’t be attracting the right kind of candidates or maximising your efficiency.

Start by building a strong, appealing company culture which makes your business stand out and attracts strong, appealing candidates. Work on providing:

  • Ethical and sustainable work practices.
  • Attractive benefits and rewards.
  • A supportive and inclusive workplace.
  • A diverse labour force.

If you get the basics right, your employees will blossom and grow along with your efficiency, profile and profits.


Understand the importance of branding

It’s not enough to focus purely on healthcare in your hiring process. Marketing should be front and centre of your recruitment campaign.

Today’s job seekers are won over by firms with:

  • Strong social media channels.
  • Vibrant, engaging company culture.
  • Compelling and consistent messaging.
  • Interesting stories told by and about employees.
  • A recognisable presence in the local area.

Publicity and PR are increasingly important for modern healthcare clinics and organisations.

Getting a positive message across to prospective patients and employees is top of the list for go-ahead companies.


Use technology to advantage

Today’s smart technology also needs smart use to get the most out of it. It’s really only as clever as its operator.

So, it’s worth researching the latest software, mobile applications and social media tools to optimise efficiency in your hiring process.

With the bulk of job seekers now finding jobs via smartphone, consider offering:

  • Interesting, easy-to-find social media channels.
  • Mobile friendly website.
  • Bold, appealing online presence.
  • Online job descriptions and ads which are easy to find and access.
  • Video interviews to give greater reach.

Be very clear in specifying the type of skills, attributes and work ethics you expect. This will weed out time-wasters and unsuitable applicants, allowing quality candidates to filter through.


Work with a respected healthcare recruitment agency

If you’d like to offload the stress of getting the recruitment process right, try an agency that specialises in health sector recruiting.

An agency with years of experience knows a thing or two about efficient recruitment, including healthcare interviewing techniques to pinpoint top candidates.

Take your hiring process to the next level with these four tips, and reap the rewards!

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