When to be Seen April 20, 2018 11:05 am

Not sure when to post a job ad for maximum exposure? In todays Job ad market it is all about being at the top of the front page in Seek. This means if you get your ads up on the most popular day and time you stand a better chance of getting a favourable response.

Our data shows that;

  • Health job seekers are most active on Wednesday’s, and least active on Sunday’s.
  • The most popular time of the week to apply is 1pm Tuesday.

With online job boards being available to job seekers 24/7, there is a somewhat uninterrupted stream of ads being posted and applications being submitted. However this doesn’t mean there are not peaks and troughs throughout the week, as shown in the graph below.



To gather this data, we analysed in excess of 63,000 applications received by Frontline Recruitment Group in Q2 2017/18.

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