6 Ways to Retain Hospitality Staff Through a Disruption June 4, 2018 5:19 pm

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Change is a constant in the hospitality sector. Whether it’s a round of redundancies, tech disruption, management change, downsizing or a takeover, it can be hard to ride the bumps in your business.

Often, it’s employees who suffer during times of transition. They can experience confusion and anxiety as normal routines are disrupted.

Workplace rumours also make things worse if ‘fake news’ takes a hold. A clear approach, however, can help you steer your organisation through troubled times and retain long-term staff.


Watch and listen

Being a good listener is critically important during times of transition and disruption. Watch how your staff are coping with the change and listen to any concerns they might have about it.

Acknowledge the uncertainty and give a voice to the anxiety you feel in the workplace. Let staff know your door is always open if they need to discuss any issues or gain reassurance.


Communicate clearly

Don’t keep staff in the dark. When lines of communication stay open it is far easier to reassure your team that all is well.

Communicate information clearly and factually, keeping emotion and blaming out of the conversation. Be supportive and understanding while retaining professional boundaries at all times.


Be constructive

Prepare your staff for the change as best you can. This might mean:

  • Introducing your staff to new management at an informal meeting.
  • Explaining the details of a redundancy process or package.
  • Explaining the various stages of a takeover.
  • Giving staff relevant materials explaining new technology.
  • Encouraging staff to find creative solutions to problems which arise.

An injection of positive thinking is one of the best ways to dispel negativity in the workplace and settle staff down. It also helps with hospitality staff retention.


Train and retrain

Maybe your workers are going to be multi-tasking or tackling new duties in the near future.

Consider the training programs they might need to enhance their current roles, expand into new areas or take on completely new positions.

New technology or software systems may seem daunting. However, let staff know the new system will save them time and stress once they are used to it. Explain that their new skills or roles will further their careers in hospitality.


Work the team

During times of uncertainty, the cracks can show in normally happy teams.

Ask team members what they need to get through the tricky times and encourage them to work together to overcome challenges.

Remember to be realistic, however, and don’t over-promise. You can’t control the overall outcome, only the way you and your staff navigate the change.


Consult an agency

Some staff members leave during times of change, however hard you try to keep them. It’s therefore important to know how to interview hospitality candidates.

A specialist recruitment agency can also help fill those hospitality jobs when the time is right.

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