Finding the Right Fit May 16, 2018 2:15 pm

It is an interesting marketplace where the great majority of candidates do not get placed in the role they apply to. Unfortunately, the system of posting an ad on a job board and expecting to attract the best candidate for the role is well and truly broken.

For many years now, the majority of candidates Frontline Recruitment Group has helped do not apply to the role they are ultimately placed in. Since the advent of internet job advertisements, candidates have applied to multiple roles using the “spray and pray” approach, spreading their resume to as many opportunities as they can.

This has changed somewhat in the last four years, which has seen a decline in responses per advertisement with candidates now more content to have their data in the public domain on sites such and Seek and LinkedIn, and expect recruiters and companies to “find” them.

So now with more candidates being “found” via “search”, the numbers who are placed in the role they actually apply to keeps dropping.

The graph below shows what this number was in the last year at Frontline Hospitality:



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