Over-50s: The Hidden Value of Hiring Older Workers August 14, 2015 12:55 am

With our ageing population and the high retirement age, older workers are likely to become a force to be reckoned with in the future.

And when you consider that the over-50s are heavy on life experience and light on unrealistic expectations – with plenty of interpersonal relationship skills thrown in – you have compelling reasons to increase the proportion of older employees at your workplace as part of your recruitment strategy.

Here are some significant benefits older workers can bring.

Financial advantage

As a way of addressing Australia’s ageing population, the federal government is offering support to businesses employing and retraining eligible job seekers aged 50 or older who have been on income support for the last six months. As of November 1 2015, $10,000 in assistance will be paid to employers over 12 months through the Restart Wage Subsidy.

Workplace, multi-industry and life experience

There’s no denying the rich and varied experience – on numerous levels – that over-50s workers can bring to the workplace. Chances are they’ve tried their hand at multiple jobs over a long working life, combining the best of each in a package that could be very valuable to your company.

Stability and loyalty

Over-50s workers have reached a stage of life where stability is important. Younger employees are known to switch jobs regularly, placing personal fulfilment above job loyalty. Older workers are generally less interested in climbing the corporate ladder or looking for the ‘next best thing’ in hospitality recruitment. They are more likely to offer loyalty and commitment, genuinely caring about the success of the business.

Real people skills

Those decades of experience build up a bank of knowledge regarding personality types, office politics and tricky customers. In short, over-50s workers have seen it all before. If you’re lucky, you’ll find one who has condensed this phenomenal life experience into a work persona which is ready for anything.

Mentoring gold

Older workers can be fantastic mentors to your younger, less confident or inexperienced employees. As long as the personalities are a good fit, you have someone who can help others learn how to problem-solve, think outside the box, master their emotions, and deal with stress.

So don’t be stuck in the past. Learn to see beyond outdated prejudice and value the wisdom that age can bring.

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