Can Your LinkedIn Profile Help you Land That Job? May 26, 2017 3:49 pm

Young woman using cell phone to send text message on social network at night. Closeup of hands with computer laptop in backgroundWith the rise of social media showing no sign of slowing down, today’s smartphone-savvy job hunter needs a strong LinkedIn profile to stand out from the crowd.

It’s no longer enough to spruce up your resume and pop in a job application. Serious job contenders must be easy to find when recruiters carry out their social media searches.

The Recruiter Nation study released by Jobvite in 2015 showed that 87% of employers used LinkedIn to find new recruits, with only 4% of recruiters not using social media to track down good candidates.

Facebook was used by 55% of employers and Twitter by 47% – leaving LinkedIn as clear leader in the job seekers’ field.

Employer tips for job hunters using social media

As part of the Jobvite survey, employers were asked what job seekers could do to improve their chances of being noticed on social media.

Their suggestions included:

  • Sharing details about professional and voluntary work in their profiles (favoured by 76% of employers).
  • Mentioning other forms of social and community engagement.
  • Never sharing information about alcohol or marijuana use (advised by 75% of employers).
  • Engage sensibly with a range of news and current events (47% of employers liked this).
  • Avoid the selfie (around 25% of employers didn’t like them).
  • Always get your grammar and spelling right (72% of recruiters will notice if you don’t).

Where LinkedIn profiles count the most

There are several ways recruiters can find potential candidates via LinkedIn.

Referrals are often made as a direct result of LinkedIn connections, and recruiters are increasingly calling passive job seekers – those not actively looking but with strong LinkedIn profiles – to sound them out about their suitability for specific job roles.

It’s possible you might be headhunted by companies you don’t even know if your LinkedIn presence makes a mark and sells you as a valuable candidate.

But what if my employer finds out?

Many job seekers are worried about reaching out via LinkedIn in case their current employer notices their job-seeking efforts.

Try to make all your profile changes in one go so you don’t have to keep updating – which is likely to be noticed by colleagues and managers.

Go on adding connections and building your network, as this shows potential recruiters you are a great networker without alerting your boss to a specific job search.

Other profile-strengthening tips include asking other LinkedIn users to recommend you and endorse your skills, giving you extra credibility.

Make sure you fill out every field in your profile – summary, skills, education, experience and any related achievements. Include a high resolution, professional looking photo for maximum star rating.

Consider using tools like LinkedIn’s Open Candidates feature, which sends private signals to potential employers that you are open to new career possibilities.

A healthcare recruitment company can also help you in your job seeking and show you how to access a range of appealing health jobs.

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