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Finding the Right Fit

May 16, 2018 2:18 pm

It is an interesting marketplace where the great majority of candidates do not get placed in the role they apply to. Unfortunately, the system of posting an ad on a job board and expecting to attract the best candidate for the role is well and truly broken. For many years...

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Days to Fill

May 10, 2018 4:46 pm

A role in your company becomes vacant… we need to replace the role… how long is this going to take? Well, the conventional thinking used to be the higher the salary the longer it is going to take, but in fact this is not necessarily the case.  A more accurate...

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5 Traits to Look for in a Great Nurse Manager

May 9, 2018 12:09 pm

If you’re looking for a nurse, you want a competent, caring candidate with good qualifications. If you’re after a manager, organisational and leadership skills are top priority. When searching for a nurse manager, however, you need a special candidate – one who blends the best of both worlds. Great nurse...

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5 Healthcare Growth Areas to Consider When Retraining

May 9, 2018 11:59 am

Australia & New Zealand’s healthcare sectors are growing at a rapid rate. The 2016 Australian Census & 2013 New Zealand Census show the healthcare industry accounting for 12.6% and 9.6% of the working populations respectively. Career opportunities exist across the healthcare sector, in hospitals, medical centres, residential care and general...

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The Value of your Talent Database

April 27, 2018 2:16 pm

With so much data available these days, it is interesting to review the worth in storing it. A key recruitment metric for any organisation should be the value in their talent database, and a very good way of measuring this value is to review the percentage of placements from existing...

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When to be Seen

April 20, 2018 11:05 am

Not sure when to post a job ad for maximum exposure? In todays Job ad market it is all about being at the top of the front page in Seek. This means if you get your ads up on the most popular day and time you stand a better chance...

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4 Ways to Become a More Efficient Healthcare Recruiter

April 6, 2018 5:32 pm

In a competitive market, you can’t afford to let top health talent slip through your fingers. Yet many healthcare providers still use outdated recruitment techniques which are slow, inefficient and ultimately costly. The smartest healthcare organisations know how to prioritise company culture, branding and technology. This effectively streamlines the hunt...

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How to be Self-Critical and Still Get the Job

April 6, 2018 5:19 pm

Of all the curly questions you may get asked at your healthcare job interview, there are a few that can make even seasoned interviewees nervous. These are centred on exposing your weaknesses and looking at previous roles where you may have not succeeded. The key to answering these questions lies...

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4 Ways to Assess Candidates’ Soft Skills During Interviews

March 9, 2018 2:38 pm

As well as considering the qualifications and job experience of a potential candidate, it is also worthwhile thinking about their critical soft skills. These may end up determining whether your chosen candidates will be the right fit the role. Soft skills are the personal qualities or attributes which define each...

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