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Can Your LinkedIn Profile Help you Land That Job?

May 26, 2017 3:49 pm

With the rise of social media showing no sign of slowing down, today’s smartphone-savvy job hunter needs a strong LinkedIn profile to stand out from the crowd. It’s no longer enough to spruce up your resume and pop in a job application. Serious job contenders must be easy to find...

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Find the Right Cultural Fit and Watch Your Business Blossom

March 24, 2017 2:33 pm

Some health sector employers get hung up on whether their job candidates have the right qualifications and experience for a role. Yet it’s just as important to ensure your new employee is the right fit for your organisation in terms of values, goals and work ethic. Employing the wrong person...

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How to Prepare for a Job interview in the Health Sector

March 24, 2017 2:28 pm

Behind most successful job interviews lies careful preparation and plenty of homework. Even the most confident job seeker can benefit from drilling down into the details of job requirements and company culture. Arming yourself with this valuable information is a great way to meet the brief, impress your interviewers and...

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5 Ways to Deliver an Exceptional Candidate Experience

February 22, 2017 9:52 am

With employers under pressure to find talent and deliver results, it’s no wonder candidates often feel they are on a conveyor belt. Do these things happen in your health job recruitment process? Employers fail to give applicants important information. Employers fail to tell applicants they haven’t got the job. Applicants are treated more...

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Things to Consider When Creating a Video Resume

February 22, 2017 9:48 am

The video resume is only just starting to find its feet in Australia and New Zealand. Along with other digital advances, employers here are likely to follow the American trend for assessing job candidates by video. The video resume is generally seen as supplementary to the traditional resume – a useful medium for...

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How to Build an Orientation Program for New Hires

January 16, 2017 2:11 pm

If new hires have a positive experience during their first days and weeks at your practice, they are far more likely to understand what is required of them and deliver great work. Orientation programs, as part of your health recruitment, also help new staff members quickly adjust to a fresh...

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Things to Consider When Applying for Management Roles

January 16, 2017 2:08 pm

You’ve succeeded in your current health job and have been with the company for a while. Is it time to consider a move into management? This depends on not only your working style and temperament, but your level of competence as well. Management jobs are more about delegating and monitoring staff’s...

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4 Keys to Success as a First Time Manager

December 15, 2016 11:56 am

Reaching your first management position is an exciting and challenging highlight of your health career. Once the elation of winning the role wears off, however, you may feel daunted by the task ahead. Don’t be derailed by nerves. There are several approaches which can focus your mind and help you...

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Job Interview Questions to Identify Leadership Potential

November 9, 2016 3:14 pm

Recruiters are increasingly on the hunt for leadership qualities in the candidates they interview. Despite lacking in experience or specific skills, a health candidate showing strong leadership potential is likely to outperform rivals lacking these core traits. As an employer, how do you frame job interview questions which draw out...

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How to Succeed in Video Job Interviews

November 9, 2016 3:14 pm

If you haven’t experienced a health job interview by video yet, chances are it won’t be long before you’re required to. They are becoming popular with large companies keen to assess and filter candidates at an early phase of the recruitment process. While video interviews can be daunting to the uninitiated, there...

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