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Martene Harvey

Agency Owner

With a background in the Healthcare Industry and a proven reputation for managing and developing people into top performers, Martene understands the importance of selecting the appropriate skill set, in addition to, achieving both job and cultural fit to attract and retain employees. Treating each client and candidate with the respect and attention they deserve, working in a partnership to understand each client’s business requirements and utilising a specialised knowledge of the Healthcare Industry to assess and develop quality candidates sets Frontline Health apart as an exceptional recruitment service.

Prior to joining Frontline Health, Martene worked for seven years with a global Healthcare company progressing from sales representative to Regional Sales Manager, where customer focus, driving for results and teamwork were a major focus. Martene also understands the importance of hard work and determination to succeed as she spent over ten years living in Switzerland, dedicating herself to the challenges of learning a new language to successfully establish herself as a dietitian in the Healthcare Industry. This experience of living and working in another culture has enhanced Martene’s people and listening skills, as well as, ensuring an adaptability, which allows a continued effectiveness in varying environments.

10 years as an agency owner at Frontline, where I have the privilege to work with a group of high energy, highly motivated people and enjoy the support from both colleagues and team.”

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