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Who are Frontline Construction?


The recruitment professionals of choice.

At Frontline, our team is dedicated to helping employers and candidates connect. With a passion for what we do, we work hard to find the right candidate for every role, and vice versa. It all comes down to understanding what people need, and giving them the best options possible. There’s a world of choice out there – we just help you make the most of it.


We know our sectors inside out.

We’ve chosen to focus on the Construction industry, and have an intimate understanding of this industry, so we’re perfectly positioned to meet your needs. We know how your world works, and we speak your language.


Nothing but honesty.

We don’t believe there’s anything to be gained by dressing up the truth. So we’re always 100% honest with people, whether it’s about salary expectations, interview feedback or the state of the market. We think you deserve to know that truth, and with us, that’s what you get.


Making great matches makes our day.

More than 50% of candidates we place are in a role that was different to the role they applied to, so our work is all about people and problem solving. We love getting to know different individuals, learning what makes them tick, and figuring out how we can help. After all, there’s nothing more satisfying than finding the perfect fit.


Ethics are everything.

Integrity may not be a quality that you’d immediately associate with recruitment – but for us, it’s crucial. We pride ourselves on being honest and transparent in our dealings, and we refuse to poach or headhunt candidates. Yes, the standards we set for ourselves are high, but we’re determined to live up to them.


Enjoy stress-free searching.

Life’s too short to be stressing over resumes, references and interviews. At Frontline, we handle all those details for you, so you can get on with life as usual. Communication is open and easy, and we’re always there when you need us. So you can relax knowing you’ll get the result you want, without losing sleep over it.


We’re not just about jobs, we’re about careers.

It matters to us that our candidates end up in positions where they can thrive – and this is probably why so many return to us for help as their careers progress. By building long-term relationships with candidates, we can help them achieve their long-term goals.


Our candidates come guaranteed.

While we’re confident in the people we put forward, we do know chemistry is important within the workplace. So, if a candidate doesn’t work out within the guarantee period (usually the first 90 days from placement), we’re happy to find an alternative.

What are the benefits of working with an agency?

As specialists in construction recruitment, we understand the ins and outs of your industry – and we take the time to understand your specific job requirements too.

Consider the following when recruiting for yourself… the costs of phone calls, writing ads and paying for advertising space, time spent sifting through resumes, data entry, interviewing appropriate candidates, writing position descriptions, reference checking, negotiating, and managing the process with multiple candidates and internal stakeholders. At Frontline, we handle every aspect of the process, from placing advertisements to arranging interviews, reference checks and follow-ups. At every stage we’ll give you honest, realistic advice on the ever-changing talent market.


Our fees are calculated as a percentage of the successful candidate’s salary package, and this is stated on our contracts which are signed by each company – to ensure that everyone is aware of the costs up-front. Listing a role with us and asking us to put forward candidates for your job vacancies is free – you only have to think about cost if we present you with someone that you actually want to hire.


Yes – recruitment agencies are very different to employment agencies. A recruitment agency works with the employer to help them find and screen suitable candidates, whereas an employment agency works with job seekers to help them find work. As a recruitment agency, our focus is working on behalf of the employer who approach us to fill a vacancy in their company, and we are looking carefully for someone who will meet that company’s needs. Employment agencies are usually funded by the government, and work closely with the job seekers – particularly those who are on unemployment benefits. This doesn’t mean that recruitment agencies don’t care about the needs of their job seekers, but it’s important to understand that our main priority is to find the best fit for the employer we’re working for.

Our Agencies

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Group Operations Manager: Jeff Bailey

Jeff4Jeff joined Frontline Retail in 2008 as a recruitment consultant, and his success was rewarded when he won the Rookie Consultant of the Year at the Frontline Recruitment Group annual awards ceremony held in July 2009. In September 2009 Jeff and his wife Natalie took over the ownership of the Canberra Frontline Retail Franchise and have been able to grow the agency through a consistent consultative approach with all stakeholders.In 2010 Jeff and Natalie opened Frontline Hospitality Canberra and began working with Canberra’s premier hospitality venues and national hospitality chains. Supported by a dedicated team of professionals, the Canberra Retail & Hospitality agencies are proud to provide our clients and candidates with the best choice.

In 2015, Jeff and Natalie opened the first Frontline Health agency in the ACT, and then opened the first Frontline Construction agency in 2017. In addition to these new agency openings, these agencies expanded their territory reach beyond Canberra into the remaining areas in ACT and Southern NSW.

Prior to Frontline, Jeff spent almost fifteen years of his career in the Retail sector, working in various management roles predominantly in the supermarket and sporting goods sectors of the market. Natalie’s background includes Hospitality, Pharmacy Management, as well as retail home-wares and sporting roles. This experience combined with their local knowledge of the Canberra markets allow Jeff, Natalie and their team to deliver an outstanding service to their clients and candidates.


Group Sales Manager: Aaron McNamara